About Us Copy Index Market System

What is Copy Index Market?

Crypto Index Market is a copy trading investment platform developed by Crypto Index group. Crypto Index Market is based on the cooperation between Investors and Traders. Investors copy successful Traders’ transactions, and Traders, in their turn, receive commission from Investors subscribed to their accounts. Crypto Index Market places no restrictions on the role you may choose in the system: all the traders of Forex market may operate both as Investors and as Traders.

Why Copy Index Market?

Whichever variant our clients choose, Copy Index Market will provide them with a balanced set of conditions for successful and profitable trading.

  • A transparent and understandable operation scheme for Investors and Traders.
  • An opportunity to copy transactions from a Trader's account without installing trading terminal.
  • Flexible customization of parameters of copying transactions from many Traders’ accounts.
  • An opportunity to independently cancel the copying of transactions from a Trader’s account.
  • An opportunity to use Mechanical Trading Systems (MTS) when trading on Traders’ accounts.
  • Wide choice of payment systems to deposit/withdraw funds.
  • 24/7 Online Live Support.

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